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My wife and I cannot be any happier with JCLC.  The care and attention that our daughter receives here is top notch - and evident with all of the positive changes that we have witnessed in her since joining JCLC.  Her intellectual, emotional, and social development has been incredible to witness in just two short months - and even noticeable since her first week there!  

The teachers truly care about the children - with an impressive learning and activity agenda that changes every week.  Ms. Ruth puts in a lot of time and energy to make sure that JCLC is a fun and safe place for the children to attend every day.  During these COVID times, the school staff is being very attentive to health concerns of the parents and ensuring that it is abiding by official health guidelines.  

As for the facility - wow!  What a great place for one’s child to spend the day!  Safety is always my number one priority - and I am very confident that my daughter is in good hands.  The location is nestled quietly on a Church property in a safe neighborhood in Reston.  And of course - clean!  We looked at several daycares that just didn’t seem as clean - and I know that can be a challenge in a daycare environment.  However, the classrooms and activity areas are all very well maintained and sanitized.  No signs of dirty diapers here!  

Again - we are so glad that we found Joyful Children.  The customized care that our daughter receives every day truly shows - and that is all because of the wonderful teachers and staff at Joyful Children! 

Patrick F - Father of 2 yrs. old.

                                                  August 2020

"Finding Joyful Children's Learning Center and Ms. Ruth, the primary instructor, was a real miracle. Not only is Ms. Ruth wonderful with the students, but the other students in her school are very nice, respectful children too. This makes for an overall, very positive learning environment. My daughter stayed home with us until she was almost two so we were a little nervous about her transitioning to full days away from the home. What we found after just a few weeks of attendance was a child that flourished, developed quickly, and came home full of many new skills and words. She quickly adapted to the classroom largely thanks to Ms. Ruth who kept us informed of the steps she took to ensure a successful transition. On top of all the wonderful lesson plans and activities that Ms. Ruth plans for the children each week, she somehow also found the time and patience to help us start potty training! We also really appreciate how JCLC incorporates God and the bible into every day teachings and that she shares reports back with the parents that includes the bible readings, books read, activities, and pictures of the children every day. I couldn't recommend this place more for any parent! It's a new school facilitated out of the basement of a church, which is just to say, IT'S SUPER CLEAN. It doesn't have years of germs on everything :) Also, breakfast and lunch is included. I can't say enough good things about this place, and just feel incredibly fortunate to have found it and been able to send my daughter there." Teresa B. - Mom of 2 yrs. old

                                                   July 2020

We were very happy to find JCLC when we moved to Reston in August 2019. We are pleased to see the attentiveness and guidance our 4-year-old son receives from Ms. Ruth is remarkable and this is a testimony of my son’s optimistic behavior and his warm-heartedness toward other students. I enjoy hearing how his day was and the activities he did.
The teachers are very caring as well as proactive – I am amazed to see the day-to-day curriculum and projects offered at JCLC. The summer camp activities itself has been adventurous for my son. Ms. Ruth knows how to keep the children occupied and engaged with interesting/fun activities while maintaining a safety-first environment.
I leave my son at JCLC knowing that he is in good hands and he is safe!!! Thank you, Ms. Ruth, and JCLC for all that you do for our children!

Afroza H. - Mom of 4 yrs. old

                                                   August 2020

We looked at several Montessori schools in the area and decided to have our boys attend class with Ms. Ruth. We wanted a place that would not just be a daycare, but where our twins could learn and do different activities. So far, we are really impressed with the level of care Ms. Ruth has shown our boys, and most days they come home with different projects they completed during the day. For a half day program, the price is great, which includes breakfast and lunch.      MS - Father of 3 yrs. old 

                                                   October 2018

I recommend Joyful Children because the teacher puts a lot of love into it. I feel that my boys are treated as part of a family and all the other kids are very loving and caring for each other. The kids learn and have fun at the same time. We are very happy with the progress of our boys.  Helisiane S - Mom of 3 yrs. old

                                                April 2019

I like that all activities are very instructional , they learn while playing.  LM - Mom of 3 yrs. old

                                                   April 2019

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